Kali Audio IN-UNF Ultra Nearfield 3 Way Studio Monitor System

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Not Enough Real Estate On Your Workspace?

Not everyone is blessed with a generous amount of space for audio work. So the option to install and use multiple large studio monitors is definitely off the table. However, all hope is not lost.

We have a monitor system that allows you to enjoy a superior near field audio experience in a compact setup. One that you can configure to suit the space you're working in and is loaded with features that make them suitable for personal and professional use!

The in-UNF Ultra Nearfield 3-way Studio Speakers from KALI AUDIO deliver exceptional sonic performance for limited workspaces!


Fits Right Into Your Desktop

With the bass unit measuring 11.6x5.2x19.4”, and the 6.2” satellite speakers, this UNF system won't consume too much space on your worktable.

The low-frequency bass unit works in both horizontal and vertical orientations. You can put it on its side and place it behind your computer screen, or lay it flat down and place it under your monitor. With this option, you can set it up in whichever way saves you the most space.

Transparent Audio Output

What you hear is what you get with these UNF studio monitors. Our bi-amped speaker system provides for a ruler-flat frequency response, enabling you to clearly hear every bit of detail in your mix.

With its 320-watt power, the system generates 85dB continuous at a distance of roughly an arm’s length. And with a peak SPL of 103dB, it leaves you with at least 20dB of headroom for transient spikes.

Quick & Convenient Adjustments

Modifying the satellite speakers’ angles is a breeze! They are spherical in shape and are not connected to their cradles, so you can rotate them to any angle you prefer.

Aside from that, the tweeter is coaxial and phase-aligned with the mid-driver cone. Also, the mid-range driver is shaped to act as a waveguide for the tweeter. All of these result in better and more enjoyable audio output.

More Reasons to Choose Our IN-UNF Ultra Nearfield 3-way Studio Speakers:

Works for Any Room Structure

Audio rooms come in various shapes, and their design can affect sound quality by causing undesirable reverberations. To compensate for such limitations, we designed this studio monitor system with adjustable boundary EQ settings.

A total of 8 DSP-powered monitor switches at the back of the base unit allow you to tweak the response for your room. You can also tweak LF, mid, and HF levels. With these, you can tailor the speakers to your specific environment and tastes!

Multiple Input Options

This studio monitor set comes with a myriad of connectivity options to suit a variety of setups. For starters, there are 2 TRS jack inputs for attaching professional audio equipment.

Aside from that, there's also an optical input for when you want to connect your TV or gaming consoles to the speakers. Furthermore, there are USB-C and 3.5mm jack inputs for consumer devices like laptops and phones.

A Passion for Quality & Innovation

Here at KALI AUDIO, we strive to provide our customers with nothing but the best audio equipment available. All our products are the result of thorough research, careful planning, and industry-standard manufacturing processes.

With a team of seasoned audio engineers and professionals working at our headquarters in Burbank California, you can count on us to continue to innovate and produce more products that deliver absolute value for the money.


Features & details

  • A Powerful & Compact System - Enjoy a superior sonic experience with this UNF studio monitor set. These powered speakers deliver a max SPL of 103dB, all without taking up too much music studio desk space!
  • Enjoy Clean Low Frequencies - The desktop speaker's bass unit has 2 horizontally opposed 4.5" low‑frequency drivers. The design cancels vibration transfer to items in front of, beneath, or on top of the unit.
  • Connect Different Devices - This speaker system is suitable for home or professional use. Go ahead and hook it up to your mixing equipment, laptop, smartphone, audio device, or gaming console.
  • Customize Your Soundstage - The pair of satellite speakers with 1" soft dome tweeters and 4" midrange drivers are supported by silicone cradles. This makes modifying their angle super quick and easy.
  • More Features To Enjoy - Aside from a Sleep/Wake function, there are also DSP-powered DIP switches for adjusting speaker position. Multiple input options including TRS and USB-C are also available.

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