IK Multimedia

Leaders of the Mobile Music Revolution

So here's the cool thing about what IK Multimedia does… they create products musicians use to create music whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes them. And do it with tools that are simple to use.

Slash uses their stuff on tour when he's in his hotel room at 4am. You can too. In fact, IK has pioneered the mobile music segment of the market with their range of 50 accessories and apps for the iPhone/iPod/iPad. IK was the first company to introduce the wonderful world of mobile guitar tone (AmpliTube and AmpliTube Fender® for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) and a cost-effective, professional way to connect a guitar to those devices, the iRig audio interface for guitarists and bassists.

Today they make the most extensive range of mobile solutions for musicians of all types - keyboard players, guitarists & bassists, vocalists and DJs.

Check out their full line of products HERE

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