Soundtoys 5

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All 21 Soundtoys plug-ins, including Decapitator, PrimalTap, Little AlterBoy, EchoBoy, Little Plate, and the bundle-exclusive Effect Rack.

No dongle required.

New in Soundtoys 5: Version 5.3.0 adds support for macOS Mojave and Activation Codes, with no iLok account required.

Soundtoys 5 brings together our entire range of audio effects into one powerful collection.  Includes all 21 Soundtoys plug-ins.

Soundtoys 5 native effects plug-ins give you a unique vibe that's inspired by Soundtoys' extensive collection of classic studio gear. A long-time favorite among Sweetwater Sales Engineers, Soundtoys effects let you do everything from adding subtle sonic enhancements to generating wild modulations. Perfect for sound design and electronic music, this innovative bundle of effects plug-ins is also great for many day-to-day mixing tasks. On top of that, version 5 of these amazing plug-ins comes with the new Soundtoys Effect Rack, which effectively integrates these 21 Soundtoys effects into a single plug-in, giving you more creative options for creating custom multi-effects. Put a powerful set of sonic tools in your DAW with the Soundtoys 5 native effects plug-in bundle!


Effect Rack combines all plug-ins into a powerful multi-effect

In Soundtoys 5, use the Effect Rack to combine Soundtoys effects plug-ins and use them as a single multi-effect. Add whichever Soundtoys effects you want, in whatever order you want. You can lock all the rhythmic effects to a single tempo, use the global mix control to blend the entire effects chain with the dry signal, use the Recycle control to mix the output back into the input for extra-modulated effects, and much more. The Effect Rack makes version 5 the most powerful collection of Soundtoys effects yet.  

EchoBoy & EchoBody Jr.


EchoBoy is one of the finest professional echo/delays you'll find. It utilizes SoundToys' new technology to allow changing the rhythm of your delays. EchoBoy also provides a range of delays from digital to chorused to low-fi effects.


PrimalTap is made to re-create the lo-fi character of vintage tape delays. It's a dual delay complete with a freeze function, perfect for grabbing a chunk of audio then modulating its pitch for creative effect. A built-in LFO section gives you even more modulation potential, for everything from subtle chorus effects to heavy tape flanging.


Decapitator is more than just an emulation of analog saturation. It has real analog feel. You can hear the subtle changes reacting to the track, following the dynamics of the instrument. That's what analog is all about. Not a static snapshot (no convolution here), but a changing, responsive model of all those tubes and wires (and careful notes) and transistors. The sound of real gear, but with the flexibility of software.

FilterFreak & FilterFreak2


FilterFreak offers unprecedented plug-in filtering power and comes with not only one, but TWO plug-ins, each with a host of easily accessible and highly tweakable parameters that can be used to create some totally awesome filtering combinations. Special attention has been given to re-creating a filter that both sounds and responds like a real analog filter. When you overload the input to FilterFreak, it won't "freak out" but instead will saturate the way a normal filter would in the analog world.


PhaseMistress brings analog-modeled phase shifting to a new level. Smooth, gorgeous, and simply dripping with character, PhaseMistress combines the warmth of classic analog phasing with tempo-locked modulations and programmable LFO shapes. 


PanMan takes the supposedly simple process of moving audio back and forth in the stereo field and gives it that special touch that you've come to expect from their twisted minds. It features an over-the-top range of panning modes to re-create classic analog auto-panners plus some of the cool modes from Soundtoys' other plugs to push it a bit further into the future.


First heard as a much-abused preset in the venerable Eventide H3000, Crystallizer is a versatile granular echo processor that takes a note and runs with it, creating synth-like textures, subsonic warbles, and everything in between. Great on drums, guitar, bass, and just about anything else, this mind-blowing software emulation of a truly unique effect must be heard to be understood.


Tremolator emulates the tremolo effect of classic guitar amps such as Fender and even the great tremolo sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano. Add dynamic control of speed and depth that lets the tremolo respond to the music, then toss in MIDI sync to lock to your tempo.


MicroShift takes a boring, skinny track and makes it wide. No matter what you run through it, be it vocals, synths, or guitars, MicroShift spreads it out, thickens it up, and gives it loads of space. You also have control over the character of the width effect: add some micro-pitch shifting, alter the delay time, and use the Focus control to remove mud and increase clarity. 

Little MicroShift

A streamlined version of MicroShift: three vocal widening effects in one simple plug-in. 


Devil-Loc is Soundtoys' "audio level destroyer," a two-knob compressor designed for crushing tracks. It's perfect for taking a bland drum loop or bass line and energizing it, bringing out ambience, and creating pumping effects at extreme settings. 

Devil-Loc Deluxe

SoundToys' Devil-Loc Deluxe spares nothing in its path of sonic destruction. When you want to go further, but can't quite decide what that is, reach for Devil-Loc Deluxe. Crushing kick drums, massive sucking compression, and insane rhythmic level sweeps - this is dangerous sonic voodoo.


An emulation of the legendary Altec 1567a tube mixer and 1566a tube mic pre, the Radiator gives your music the classic hardware vibe that is used by today's top indie producers. If you're wanting to add some personality and versatility to your tracks, the Radiator is up to the task.

Little Radiator

Inspired by the Altec 1566a preamplifier, Little Radiator gives you a way to add character, richness, and depth to tracks in ways you can't achieve with traditional EQ. Just like the full-featured Radiator plug-in, this is a great way to add some fatness to just about any track.

Little AlterBoy

A powerful vocal transformer, Little AlterBoy packs Pitch and Formant Shifting effects. Create harmonies, turn a single voice into a choir, or even create hard-tuned robot effects.

Little PrimalTap

Inspired by the classic Lexicon Prime Time, the Little PrimalTap from Soundtoys gives you the same quirky, highly distinctive sound as the much-loved digital delay effect. You can use the Little PrimalTap to create echoes and loop, warp, distort, mangle, and add some cacophonous cascades of old and funky sound to your music.

Little Plate

Inspired by the original EMT 140 plate reverb, we captured the gorgeous sound and vibe of this studio classic and turned it into a fun and musically inspiring plug-in. And we couldn't resist pushing the limits of reality, so we added a couple of fun twists that let you take Little Plate to spaces the original hardware only dreamed of. 


Sie-Q EQ employs impressively smooth curves that imbue your mixes with spacious highs and velvety lows. If you want to add that elusive "air" to your vocal tracks, the Sie-Q achieves it effortlessly. Accentuate or tame your mids. Carve out space or add richness to your low-end. And hitting it hard creates a magical analog-like saturation that breathes life into everything you use it on.


Soundtoys 5 Native Effects Bundle Features:

  • Analog-emulated plug-ins deliver rich, vibrant effects
  • Includes 21 effects plug-ins, plus Soundtoys Rack multi-effects plug-in
  • Authorizes to your computer or iLok account, no dongle required
  • Wide range of effects including delay, granular echo, distortion, filtering, and much more


“The team at Soundtoys have done a wonderful job with their plug-ins. They are really well thought out & beautifully designed. They are easy to use right out the gate, but they also offer a great degree of customization. The main thing is, they sound fantastic!  Soundtoys plug-ins are a part of every record that I make.” – Dave Tozer (Kanye West, John Legend, Justin Timberlake)

“Once you start using all of these plug-ins you find it hard to stop, you become dependent on them because they give you what you want!” – Tom Elmhirst (Adele, The Black Keys, Cee Lo Green, Florence & The Machine)

“I seriously don’t do a mix without at least 3-5 different Soundtoys plug-ins. These effects allow me to be really creative with my mixes.” – Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, We Are Scientists, Sum 41, Avett Brothers)

“I use Soundtoys on every mix I do. Their plug-ins just work; that is it’s not a wrestling match to have them sonically sit in the mix in a musical way.” – Dave Pensado (Rick Ross, Macy Gray, T-Pain, Michael Jackson)


Current Version: 5.3.0

Plug-in Formats (both 32 and 64-bit):

  • AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, VST, and Audio Units (AU)

Supported Sample Rates:

  • Minimum: 44.1 kHz, Maximum: 192 kHz

System Requirements:

  • Operating systems: Mac OS X 10.8 or later; Windows 7 or later
  • An internet connection is required at the time of activation.

Officially Supported Host Applications:

  • All version 5 Soundtoys products come with 32-bit and 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX Native plug-in formats. Here is a list of all of the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) that we currently support:

    Pro Tools 10.3.5 - 2018 (Mac & PC: AAX Native and AudioSuite)
    Logic Pro 9 & X (Mac: AudioUnits)
    Digital Performer 8 - 9 (​Mac: AudioUnits & VST; Windows: VST)
    Cubase 7 - 9  (Mac & PC: VST)
    ​Nuendo 6 - 7 (Mac & PC: VST)
    Sonar X3 & Platinum (PC: VST)
    Ableton Live 9.2.2 - 10 (Mac: AudioUnits & VST; Windows: VST)