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Visconti/Bowie Inspired Triple Reverb

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Bowie. Heroes. Tverb.

Let's take a trip back to 1977. David Bowie is recording the lead vocal for the title track of his Heroes album in Berlin's Hansa Studios, with producer Tony Visconti behind the board. Seeking to highlight the drama of Bowie's voice, Visconti sets up three mics - one for David to sing into, a second around 15' away, and a third even farther back into the ambience-rich room. He then sets up noise gates on the second and third mics, and programs them to open as David sings ever louder. Eventide captures this amazing effect with Tverb: three lush, independent reverbs, with selectable polar patterns and compression on microphone one, and adjustable gates on mics two and three. They also added features such as stereo that let you forge immersive new effects and soundscapes.


  • A re-creation of Tony Visconti's stunning effect on David Bowie's Heroes
  • 3 lush, independent reverbs
  • Selectable polar patterns and compression on microphone 1
  • Adjustable gates on mics 2 and 3
  • New features, such as stereo, let you forge immersive new effects and soundscapes
  • Includes presets created by Tony Visconti and other artists
  • iLok account required (dongle not required)
Forge immersive soundscapes with Eventide Tverb!

Tech Specs

  • Software Type:  Reverbs
  • Platform:  Mac, PC
  • Upgrade/Full:  Full
  • Download/Boxed:  Download
  • Bit Depth:  32-bit, 64-bit
  • Format:  AAX, VST, AU
  • Authorization Type:  iLok account only required
  • OS Requirements - Mac:  OS X 10.7 or later
  • OS Requirements - PC:  Windows 7 or later
  • Manufacturer Part Number:1200-004


Artists Using Tverb

Andre Kelman
Beastie Boys, Phoenix, Gogol Bordello, Cat Power
Glenn Rosenstein
Madonna, U2, Ziggy Marley, Whitney Woerz
Joe Chiccarelli
U2, Elton John
John Agnello
Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.
Richard Devine
Schematic Records
Stewart Lerman
Patti Smith, St. Vincent, Boardwalk Empire
Tony Visconti
Bowie, T. Rex
Alex Solano
Pulsating Waves, Plugin Connection
Buda & Grandz
Wyclef, Dave East, Meek Mill, G-Unit, The Lox
Chris Carter
Chris & Cosey, Throbbing Gristle
Drew ofthe Drew
Ed Pettersen
Richard Thompson, Freedy Johnston, Candi Staton, Wadada Leo Smith, Giuseppi Logan, Henry Kaiser
Enrico De Paoli
Erin Tonkon
David Bowie, Holy Holy, Esperanza Spalding
Jordi Martinez Guals
Kasson Crooker
Symbion Project, Freezepop

Tverb Awards


Tverb is an impressive and unique reverb with a surprisingly low CPU footprint...No one could ever match Bowie's performance on "Heroes," but now we can sort out what a drum bus send might have sounded like through the same signal chain – in stereo, without buying a ticket to Berlin.
Dana Gumbiner
Tape Op
While this reverb plug-in only simulates one room, it does a great job and is surprisingly versatile when compared to similarly priced IR convolution reverbs available on the market today.
Matthew Wang
Tverb's combination of gorgeous reverb, flexible mic positioning and useful dynamics control makes it unique and very special indeed...It's a triumph and Bowie would have been proud.
Computer Music
Music Radar
Tverb’s Meistersaal room simulation is full of character, and being able to sculpt its intrinsic nature in specific ways greatly expands this plug-in’s usefulness. 
Barry Rudolph
Mix Magazine
While you may think this is just for that vocal sound, it’s not at all...Tverb is great-sounding, easy-to-use reverb meets room tool, with a lot of creative options.
Rich Tozzoli
ProSound Network
Great sounding plugin… based on a great sounding technique… that works really well on lots of sources.
Andy Picker
Guitar Interactive
Having this kind of slightly more complex hookup readily available (with save-able settings) in one plug-in is a particularly quick and convenient way to add some musical, dynamic reverb processing to various tracks in a mix, as called for, though, of course, it really shines on vocals. 
Joe Albano
Ask Audio
Visconti, Eno, and Bowie were known for doing very unconventional things in the studio which is why this plugin has such character. It’s interesting to see and hear how a plugin can be inspiring, especially in a world of endless plugins
 I already love it...Tverb is a refreshing new look at the making of a plugin for emulating a production technique instead of trying to emulate a piece of gear and I like it for that. The sound quality of Tverb is awesome and sounds so lush. 
Producer Spot
Tverb offers one of the very best sounding acoustic spaces I’ve ever heard on a plug-in, with a natural and detailed room sound that blends very nicely with the source.
Diogo C. Borges
Qualitativ ist Tverb ein Paradebeispiel für die hohe Kunst des algorithmischen Halls, die Eventide, nicht zuletzt dank jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung auf diesem Gebiet, perfekt beherrscht.  
Holger Obst